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The FAQs About Systems Engineering

1.  I own a small business.  What can JB Enterprises do for me?

Answer: We can assist you in deciding the best ways of using technology to operate your business most efficiently.

2.  My business is expanding and I need to upgrade my computer and information systems.  Can JB Enterprises help?  How?

Answer: We can provide unbiased evaluations of the available systems and recommendations for the best choices for your business.

3. I'm told that a website would benefit my small business but I'm not sure.  What does JB Enterprises recommend?  Can JB Enterprise help my company establish a presence on the World Wide Web?

Answer: Almost all businesses benefit from a web presence. We can help you determine whether or not your business should have a web site. If one is indicated, we can assist you in determining what kind is best for your business and work with you to develop and host your web site.

4. What is a relational database and what does it do?  Can JB Enterprise help my company create and maintain them?

Answer:  A relational database is a method of saving data once and using it in many different ways. From such a database you can create address listings, customer invoices, sales by salesperson, sales by timeframe, sales by product, and an almost infinite number of reports of your own choosing. We can create relational databases for your company and show you how to use and maintain them.

5. My business would be much more efficient if all the workstations were connected to each other.  Is this possible?  Can JB Enterprises help?

Answer: A number of benefits are offerred by linking workstations together. By sharing resources the business operates more efficiently and the costs associated with employee training are reduced. We can develop a network of linked workstations that is optimized for your business. We can install the complete network and teach your staff how to operate it.

6. I would like to schedule a consultation.  How do I arrange an appointment?

 Answer: Click "Schedule an Appointment" in the box below.  We will be happy to meet with you to discuss your concerns.  Our rates are very reasonable.

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