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"Engineering Solutions for Business Problems"

JB Enterprises is an innovative small business providing engineering solutions to business problems.  JB Entrprises was founded in 1993 by Jesse F. Berry, a systems and electronic engineer with more than 35 years experience in systems design and analysis.  JB Enterprises is renowned for developing optimized business processes that increase line and staff productivity and business profits.  JB Enterprises specializes in providing Systems Engineering and Engineering Support services to large and small businesses for a wide range of computer hardware and software systems, including signal, data, telecommunications and computer network systems.

Currently, JB Enterprises is providing high quality services to clients in the following areas:

JB Enterprises also will soon be expanding to serve clients across  the nation and around the world.

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Jesse F. Berry, President
Box 793 Twinbrook Station
Rockville, MD 20848-0793
Telephone: (301) 424-3562 
Fax: (301) 838-0398

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"Engineering Solutions for Business Problems"